Mario Deas

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Florida rental house owner Mario Deas doesn’t cut corners, even when it comes to support. “When someone comes into Mar Media for their camera package and I hear ‘I need a fluid head’ – it goes without saying they are asking for OConnor,” says Deas. “It is the industry standard.”

Deas should know. He spent 12 years in the field, traveling and shooting. When HD came into its own and became a viable alternative to film, he bought some gear and started renting to friends. Recognizing a solid business opportunity, he quickly built up his rental inventory, expanded his client base and transitioned his company, Mar Media, into a full-service digital cinema rental house. “We’re a specialty shop in Miami with a good reputation and loyal clientele,” he says. “We do everything from high-profile music videos and commercials to independent films. We’re gearing up for TNT’s NBA playoff promos at the moment. And, of course, the most requested support is OConnor.”

Deas can testify to the worth of OConnor heads from two perspectives: operator and rental house owner. “As an operator, it’s the way the OConnor 2575 feels,” he says. “You know just how the drag works, you can push it just hard enough to make the transition smooth. Other heads have a very different feel. With OConnor heads, operating just feels natural.

“From a rental house standpoint, it is OConnor’s longevity and toughness that are key factors,” he continues. “Even though those heads take a lot of wear and tear while out in the field, they still perform and are an excellent return on investment.

Deas finds another interesting factor about the OConnor 2575. Even though it was built to handle heavier cameras like the Alexa and others, cinematographers and operators are still requesting it when they are shooing with the new five to ten-pound cameras. “You’d think they’d want to go with a lighter head,” he says. “But often times they don’t. If you pair other heavier heads with a small camera, it feels like a spring in your hand. But, with OConnor, because they counterbalance down to zero, you just dial back the counterbalance and it works. There simply is no alternative to the OConnor 2575 for me or for my clients.”

The OConnor 2575 is just one of the many products in the OConnor range of fluid heads. It features stepless, ultra-smooth pan and tilt fluid drag specifically designed to give the user ultimate control and stability while shooting. The head features OConnor’s patented sinusoidal counterbalance system for true, accurate balance at any point in the tilt range.

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