Jim Matlosz

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OConnor, a Vitec Group brand, announces that Director of Photography James Matlosz has, again, chosen OConnor for the second round of 30-second spots for Table Mountain Casino. The first batch, also shot with OConnor support, garnered two Silver Addy Awards (the advertising community’s highest honor for a commercial production) in 2009. Matlosz and director Richard Yelland are aiming for more of the prestigious advertising awards this year.

The concept behind the spots is that moment when someone wins a jackpot or blackjack and the world around crashes into slow motion. Its the moment that, in reality, is only seconds yet seems to last a lifetime. “Director Richard Yelland went through the creative approach with the agency and decided that the Phantom HD was the best camera to shoot high speed on location,” says Matlosz. “My choice for support, of course, was OConnor’s 2575 Ultimate head. It is the only head that I trust to follow and capture the fast movement of our ad lib talent. Richard really pushed for full emotion and this meant the actors were very free to use the stage we presented to them.

“When you use OConnor, once you have the settings, it is easy to jump on the dolly last second and with the flip of a wrist unlock pan and tilt without looking–and get the shot,” says Matlosz. “I really love operating but I also get full of energy on set, not able to just sit and point and wait. I am on and off the dolly a hundred times an hour and it’s nice to know the head is poised and ready for quick execution. That was a must with the Table Mountain spots.”

The award-winning Table Mountain Casino spots produced by Abe Froman Productions/The Glenn Group Agency are now airing throughout California. The new spots will enter the cycle in the immediate future.

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