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OConnor does a good job of identifying what actually is going to work in the field and what we need and don't need. I’ve used a lot of different fluid heads, but OConnor is just so far above and beyond the performance of every other fluid head in the market.
Alex Buono, Cinematographer

Product Specification

OConnor introduces the 2575’s baby brother…the 2560. Perfectly suited to the adaptable, a la carte configurations of accessorised digital cinematography. Cameras such as the Alexa in portable configuration or any lightweight digital cinema camera (from Sony, Canon, ARRI, AJA, JVC, Panasonic, Vision Research, RED) in ‘maxed out’ studio configuration. OConnor Ultimate heads have been used on almost every Hollywood movie feature and episodic TV Drama since the early 1990’s and OConnor heads in general have been heavily utilised in the industry since 1949.

Continuously adjustable OConnor sinusoidal counterbalance and fluid drag that together give the ultra-smooth characteristic OConnor feel over the largest payload range.

@ 4 in. (102 mm)
@ 6 in. (152 mm)
@ 8 in. (203 mm)
83 lbs. (37.7 kg)
65 lbs. (29.5 kg)
53 lbs. (24.1 kg)
Tilt+/- 90 degrees tilt
Height8 in. (20.3 cm)
Width11.3 in. (28.7 cm)
Depth7.5 in. (19.1 cm)
Weight16.2 lb. (7.3 kg)
2560 fluid head

Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head Package C1260-0001
Package includes:
Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head C1260-0002
Euro Style Quick Release 2575-120
Pan handle 2575-137
Pan handle extension 2575-135
Mitchell base & tiedown 08281 & C1234-1018
150mm Ball base & tiedown 08414 & C1234-1017

Ultimate 2560 Fluid Head C1260-0002
Front End Handle, Small Rosette C1260-1010
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Steve is OConnor’s Product Manager responsible for all products. He has worked in camera support and accessories engineering for over 12 years. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and in his previous roles he has worked on, or conducted the introduction of all the current range of OConnor’s principal products. When he isn’t working, Steve spends time with his young family.

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