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With the 120EX fluid head, OConnor Engineering launches their new webpage

During the opening of the CINEC trade show in Munich – Germany, OConnor Engineering launched their new website. Coinciding with the unveiling of the new 120EX fluid head – featuring the new EX-technology, Product & Marketing Manager Ali Ahmadi announced the new webpage.
“We are launching the new 120EX fluid head, and together with this new fluid head we are giving OConnor a new presence on the web”, says Ahmadi. Replacing the previous webpage, the new webpage features easier navigation and much more information.
“We already have more information on this new website available right now, but we will take this much further.” Projects at OConnor are already well on their way to provide even more information and better support to current and future users and owners of OConnor equipment.
The webpage at will continually be updated.
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