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Camera Moves on ‘The Americans’ Achieved with OConnor

Cinematographer Richard Rutkowski and camera assistants Brendan K. Russell and Rory Hanrahan relied on OConnor fluid heads and tripods for …

DoP Hans Jakobi Relies on the OConnor Ultimate 2575D Head

Burbank, California, USA: December 2013 –The documentary “Legacy of Gods”, produced by Cinemonde Innovativ and Virtual Experience is a massive …

Markus Fraunholz Filmed the Historical Film Frei (eng. Free) with the OConnor 2575

Burbank, California, USA: December 2013 The historical film Frei is a fictitious story about a romance between an SS-Obersturmbannfuhrer and …

An Unbeatable Team: Alexander Palm and OConnor

Burbank, USA: November 2013 – At the beginning of the year, DP Alexander Palm documented the “average German” Thomas Müller …

L’heure bleue: In the blue blaze of twilight with the OConnor 2575

Burbank, USA: October 2013 – In the blue hour, the sky shines deep indigo producing an almost magical atmosphere. Any …