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Supported and obsolete products

Sales Part Number Sales Part Description Sales Part Status
08281 Mitchell Base Current
08308 OConnor Assistant’s Front Box Mount Current
08323 OConnor Eyepiece Leveller Bracket Current
08359 OConnor Eyepiece Leveller Bracket Current
08365 100mm Ball Base Current
08395 100mm Tiedown Current
08402 Mitchell Tiedown Current
08414 150mm Ball Base Current
08417 150mm Ball Tiedown Current
08430 Mini Euro Quick Release for 1030 range Current
1030-173 Ultimate 1030HD Supported
1030-268 Large Euro Quick Release for 1030 range Current
1030-173 Ultimate 1030B Supported
1030-323 Ultimate 1030S Supported
1030-333 Ultimate 1030HDS Supported
1030-903 Ultimate 1030Z Limited Support
1030-Unknown Ultimate 1030A Obsolete
155B-064 155B, Aluminium, 150 mm Obsolete
155B-066 155B Baby, Aluminium, 150 mm Obsolete
155B-067 155B, Aluminium, Mitchell Obsolete
155B-069 155B Baby, Aluminium, Mitchell Obsolete
2060-153 Ultimate 2060 Supported
2060-163 Ultimate 2060HD Supported
2060-173 Ultimate 2060 Black Supported
2060Z-203 Ultimate 2060Z Limited Support
2575-120 Euro Style Quick Release Current
2575-203 Ultimate 2575B Obsolete
2575-253 Ultimate 2575C Limited Support
2575-263 Ultimate 2575CV Limited Support
2575-Unknown Ultimate 2575A Obsolete
2575Z-233 Ultimate 2575Z Limited Support
25L-103 25L, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Limited Support
33G-100 33G Limited Support
33H-130 33H Limited Support
33I-150 33I Obsolete
35B-075 35B, Aluminium, 100 mm Limited Support
35L-003 35L, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Limited Support
35L-054 35L Baby, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Limited Support
35LC-60 35LC, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Limited Support
35LCS-120 35LCS, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Limited Support
45A-002 HiHat 100mm (fixed legs) Current
515-004-0 Ultimate 5-15 Obsolete
5200-003 Ultimate 50-200 Obsolete
53C-051 53C Obsolete
53D-091 53D Obsolete
54A-003 54A Limited Support
55D-055 55D, Aluminium, 100 mm Obsolete
55D-057 55D Baby, Aluminium, 100 mm Obsolete
55L-103 55L, Aluminium, 150 mm Obsolete
55L-104 55L, Aluminium, Mitchell Obsolete
55L-105 55L, Aluminium, 100 mm Obsolete
55L-106 55L, Carbon Fibre, 150 mm Obsolete
55L-107 55L, Carbon Fibre, Mitchell Obsolete
55L-108 55L, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Obsolete
C1221-0001 Cine HD, Mitchell Current
C1221-0002 Cine HD, Mitchell Current
C1221-0003 Cine HD, 150 mm Current
C1221-0004 Cine HD, 150 mm Current
C1222-0015 Floor Spreader Current
C1225-0001 120EX Current
C1226-0001 120EXe Current
C1234-0001 Ultimate 2575D Current
C1234-0002 Ultimate 2575D Current
C1234-0003 Ultimate 2575D Current
C1234-0004 Ultimate 2575D Current
C1236-0001 Ultimate 2065 Current
C1236-0002 Ultimate 2065 Current
C1236-0003 Ultimate 2065 Current
C1236-0004 Ultimate 2065 Current
C1237-0001 Ultimatate 1030D Current
C1239-0001 Ultimatate 1030Ds Current
C1241-0001 CFF-1 Follow Focus One Package Supported
C1242-0001 O-Focus DM Photo Lens Set Current
C1242-0002 O-Focus DM Cine Lens Set Current
C1243-0001 O-Box WM Set – LWS 15mm Supported
C1243-0002 O-Box WM Deluxe Set Current
C1244-0001 O-Grips Single Jointed Set Current
C1244-0002 O-Grips Double Jointed Set Current
C1244-0003 O-Grips Deluxe Set Current
C1245-1001 Universal Baseplate Set Supported
C1248-1001 Side Load Quick Release Current
C1250-0001 HiHat Mitchell (fixed legs) Current
C1250-0002 HiHat 150mm (fixed legs) Current
C1250-0003 LowHat Mitchell (fixed legs) Current
C1251-0001 30L, Carbon Fibre, 100 mm Current
C1252-0001 Mid-Level-Spreader Current
C1255-0001 60L, Carbon Fibre, 150 mm Current
CSE-MFB100 Assistant’s Front Box Current
DV-153 Ultimate DV Obsolete
DVS-453 Ultimate DVS Obsolete
Unknown Claw Ball Obsolete
Unknown Super Claw Ball Obsolete
Unknown 102-B Obsolete
V3994-0001 TrackPed Obsolete
Model C Obsolete
Model 20 Obsolete
Model 30 Obsolete
Model 40 Obsolete
Model 50-D Obsolete
Model 100-C Obsolete
Model 150 Obsolete
Model 200 Obsolete