OConnor products have been the choice of professional cinematographers worldwide for many years, and are renowned for their smooth feel and fluid intuitive movement. When something is so good, it’s inevitable that the product will be copied and alternatives will start to appear in the market.

We are aware of some that have copied our trade dress (a clone/counterfeit) and are illegally reproducing and circulating our branding, serial numbers, and labels, etc. The intent behind these clones is not to create a cheaper alternative to OConnor for customers, but to fool customers into believing they are buying/renting a real OConnor head.

When these heads come into our service departments, they are easily identified by the performance, quality of components and brands of third party components used, etc. We cannot service and support them. Therefore, if you are buying a pre-owned OConnor head and the price seems too good to be true, then it probably is! If you suspect anyone of selling counterfeit goods, please e-mail me on the ‘Ask OConnor’ section of the website.

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