Age of Head

First, check the age of the head. We try to make sure all OConnor head components are replaceable including brake levers, drag knobs, etc. However, when we do update a model, there is a limit on how long we will support components that were unique to the discontinued model. This is especially true of body castings where the size of the sand pattern boxes can be very large and impractical to store for many years. Our commitment is to support all parts of the product for ten years after we stop manufacturing it. Beyond this, we will still support all components that are being used on current models or that are backward compatible with the current model. Unfortunately, we can’t guarantee support to unique parts.

Fortunately, OConnor heads are very robust, and there are hundreds of heads out there beyond their support life that are still going strong! There are also specialist vendors that specialize in restoring older heads. Before buying a pre-owned head, make sure you look for something that is before its end of support life. Beyond this date, the second-hand value starts to decline rapidly since parts becme unavailable, and so if you do buy an OConnor fluid head beyond this date, make sure you negotiate a better price!

All current OConnor models, e.g. 2575D, are supported for as long they are manufactured and then a minimum of 10 years beyond their discontinuation date.

Below you will find a list of discontinued OConnor head models and their out of support date:

Part Number Catalog Description Withdrawn from Sale Support Withdrawn* Sales Part Status Modern Equivalent
1030-173 ULTIMATE 1030HD FLUID HEAD 2011 2021 SUPPORTED 1030D/DS


Part Number Catalog Description Withdrawn from Sale Support Withdrawn* Sales Part Status Modern Equivalent
2060-163 ULTIMATE 2060HD FLUID HEAD 2011 2020 SUPPORTED 2560
2060-173 ASSY ULTIMATE 2060 (BLACK) HD 2010 2020 SUPPORTED 2560


Part Number Catalog Description Withdrawn from Sale Support Withdrawn* Sales Part Status Modern Equivalent
2575-253 ULTIMATE 2575C FLUID HEAD 2009 2019 OBSOLETE 2575D
100-Unknown Model 100-C Pre-1997 2007 OBSOLETE 2575D
1030-293 ASSY ULTIMATE 1030B 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
1030-323 ASSY ULTIMATE 1030S STUDIO 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
1030-903 ASSY DUTCH HEAD 1030Z 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS^
1030-Unknown Ultimate 1030A Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
150-Unknown Model 150 Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 120ex
200-Unknown Model 200 Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 120ex
2060-153 ASSY ULTIMATE 2060 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 2560
2060Z-203 Ultimate 2060Z 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 2560^
20 – Unknown Model 20 Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 2560
2575-203 Ultimate 2575B Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 2575D
2575-263 ASSY ULTIMATE 2575V VIDEO 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 2575D
2575-Unknown Ultimate 2575A Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 2575D
2575Z-233 Ultimate 2575Z 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 2575D^
30-Unknown Model 30 1997 2007 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
40-Unknown Model 40 Pre-1990 2000 OBSOLETE 2560
50-Unknown Model 50-D 1997 2007 OBSOLETE 2560
515-004-0 Ultimate 5-15 1998 2008 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
5200-003 Ultimate 50-200 1997 2007 OBSOLETE 120ex
C–Unknown Model C Pre-2000 2000 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
DV-153 Ultimate DV 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS
DVS-453 Ultimate DVS 2005 2015 OBSOLETE 1030D/DS

*Unique parts no longer available
^Not Dutch

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