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O-Box WM

O-Box WM
Doug Jensen, Producer/Director/Cameraman
The O-Box is built like a tank – yet it is still very lightweight. I have never seen any matte box that even comes close to its ruggedness. It reminds me of something that is built to military specifications
Doug Jensen, Producer/Director/Cameraman

Product Specification

O-Box WM Mattebox System

Famed support maker builds a better Mattebox
Top cinematographers understand the advantages of high-end professional glass filters both for in-camera effects and practical exposure issues. Its about control and that’s why they also understand the benefits of effective light management and flare control that can only be done with a high-end mattebox system including flags and wings. OConnor has painstakingly come up with a solution to intuitively handle filters, and allow configuration freedom to meet just about any shooting situation.

Wide and Mini in one
The OConnor O-Box WM is a two-stage mattebox designed around the 16:9 format full-size sensor. A wide-angle system, it accommodates lenses up to 18mm (and in some cases wider).

15mm Studio and 19mm Studio Solution
OConnor offers an easy 2-part solution to adapt the mattebox to either 15mm or 19mm studio rods. The LWS bracket that comes with the mattebox is simply removed via 2 Allen screws (3mm Allen / Hex key) and the unit is then replaced with either part #C1243-1118 for Studio 19mm rods or #C1243-1119 for the offset Studio 15mm rods. The OConnor adapter then interfaces with the O-Grips' 3-standard rod bridge #C1244-1002 for studio-based rod support. This solution provides a total of 6 mounting points for O-Grips, while saving valuable rod space.

Meeting industry expectations & beyond
In true OConnor fashion, the O-Box system delivers the expected and more. This precision mechanical device adeptly accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (two 4x4" and two 4x5.65" frames are included). The rear frame is rotatable 360 degrees. A third 138mm round filter sleekly fits in the optional bellows ring.

Constructed of OConnor’s proprietary rugged composite, the sunshade is lightweight yet substantially stronger and more impact resistant than existing units. This translates to fewer sunshade replacements arising from the rigors of professional production environments.

Get a Grip on your Mattebox

The O-Box is the first commercially produced mattebox to have integrated handgrip interfaces. While traditionally operators have used the sunshade as a handle, this precarious handling is remedied by OConnor’s O-Grips that can be conveniently attached directly to the O-Box support cage in three locations: camera left, right or bottom center. The bottom center position is particularly useful for small setups such as HDSLR cameras when the O-Grips turn into a pistol-style grip for the operator’s right hand while the follow focus handwheel is in their left.

O-Box WM Set - LWS 15mm includes:

  • Lightweight, rugged Wide Mini Sunshade of proprietary composite material
  • Two stages; front fixed/ rear rotatable 360 degrees
  • 18mm + wide angle capability in 16:9 format
  • Two top loading 4” x 4” horizontal filter frames
  • Two 4” x 5.65” horizontal filter frames
  • Rear clamping interface @ 150mm
  • Rod interface for 15mm LWS standard
  • O-Grips 3/8” interface on left, center bottom, and right sides
  • Integrated top flag mounting bracket with 1/4 & 3/8 tapped cheese stick
  • Top Flag
  • 138mm round filter (rotatable) held via optional Bellows Ring

New O-Box WM Deluxe Set
The new O-Box WM Mattebox Deluxe Set introduces a new level of out of the box versatility with innovative Universal Rings. Based on an exclusive CINEPARTS design endorsed by OConnor the new Universal Rings are made from aircraft aluminum and hold a seamless, high-tech material that can flex over a variety of lens diameters. The Universal Rings are supplied in two sizes: 150 to 80 mm, and 114 to 55 mm, covering lenses with diameters between 55 mm and 134 mm. These handy new additions can replace multiple hard reduction rings, making the O-Box Deluxe Set a versatile package for today’s shooter who works with a range of lenses.

O-Box WM Deluxe Set includes:
Complete O-Box WM Set - LWS 15mm


  • Side Flag and Bracket Sets
  • Bellows Ring (Donut) 150-114mm (threaded)
  • Universal Ring 150 mm
  • Universal Ring 114 mm
  • Reduction Ring 114-110mm

OConnor Accessory Program
To prepare for any configuration, OConnor offers optional items including: Bellows ring, side flags, retaining brackets, a bottom bracket and flag. Popular bellows step-down rings to 80mm are also available.

Strong and lightweight mattebox designed around the 16:9 format full-size sensor

Weight (incl. top flag bracket, LWS rod bracket) 1.54 lbs (0.7 kg)
Dimensions (HWD) 8.3 x 9.5 x 3.3 in. (210 x 242 x 84 mm)
Height, incl. bottom flag bracket 8.3 x 9.5 x 3.3 in. (211 x 242 x 84 mm)
Width, incl. side flag brackets 8.3 x 11.8 x 3.3 in. (210 x 300 x 84 mm)
Depth, incl. bellows ring 8.3 x 9.5 x 4.2 in. (210 x 242 x 106 mm)
Maximum lens diameter Ø150 mm (Ø 5.9 in.)
Top or bottom flag dimensions (width at widest point) 6.5 x 13.3 in. (166 x 337 mm)
Filter frames (sets of 2) to hold square filters 4 x 4 in.
Filter frames (sets of 2) to hold rectangular filters 4 x 5.65 in.
Overall dimensions of filter frames (per frame) 6 x 5.7 in. (151 x 145 mm)
LWS rod bracket for standard camera rods Ø15 mm (0.6 in.)

O-BOX WM Set - LWS 15mm C1243-0001
Set includes:
O-Box WM with wide mini sunshade & 15mm LWS Rod support bracket
Top Flag Bracket Set C1243-1137
Flag C1243-2149
Two Filter Frames 4 x 4 in C1243-1116
Two Filter Frames 4 x 5.65 in C1243-1107

O-Box WM Deluxe Set C1243-0002
Set includes:
O-Box WM Set-LWS 15mm C1243-0001
Side Flag Brackets (2 Brackets) C1243-1131
Side Flags (2 flags) C1243-1122
Bellows Ring (Donut) 150-114mm (threaded) C1243-1117
Universal Ring 150mm C1243-1128
Universal Ring 114mm (threaded) C1243-1129
Reduction Ring 114-110mm C1243-2171

Available Options for O-Box WM
Filter Frame 4 x 5.65 in (H) C1243-1107
Filter Frame 4 x 4 in C1243-1116
O-Box WM Studio Adapter 19mm (REQ: O-Grips Bridge) C1243-1118
O-Box WM Studio Adapter 15mm (REQ: O-Grips Bridge) C1243-1119
Top or Bottom Flag (REQ: Flag Bracket) C1243-2149
Top or Bottom Flag Bracket Set C1243-1137
O-Box WM Side Flag Bracket Set (2 Brackets) C1243-1131
O-Box WM Side Flag Set (2 Flags) (REQ: Flag Bracket) C1243-1122
Bellows Ring (Donut) 150mm to 114mm (threaded) C1243-1117
Reduction Ring 114-110mm (REQ: Bellows Ring) C1243-2171
Reduction Ring 114-95mm (REQ: Bellows Ring) C1243-2172
Reduction Ring 114-80mm (REQ: Bellows Ring) C1243-2173
Universal Ring 114 mm (threaded) C1243-1129
Universal Ring 150 mm C1243-1128
Clamp Ring 150mm-143mm C1243-2183
Clamp Ring 150mm-134mm C1243-2184
Clamp Ring 150-114mm C1243-1123
Clamp Ring 150-110mm C1243-1124
Clamp Ring 150-95mm C1243-1125
Clamp Ring 150-80mm C1243-1126
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Steve is OConnor’s Product Manager responsible for all products. He has worked in camera support and accessories engineering for over 12 years. He is a qualified Mechanical Engineer and in his previous roles he has worked on, or conducted the introduction of all the current range of OConnor’s principal products. When he isn’t working, Steve spends time with his young family.

Key Features

  • 1/4 & 3/8 tapped cheese stick

    1/4 & 3/8 tapped cheese stick on top of the O-Box allows the easy addition of electronic viewfinder and other accessories.

  • Multiple O-Grip attachment

    O-Grips can be conveniently attached directly to the O-Box support cage in three locations (camera left, right or bottom center) to enable secure, ergonomic camera handling.

  • Universal Rings

    Optional Universal Rings (included in the Deluxe Set) are made from a seamless, high-tech material that can flex over a variety of lens diameters and replace multiple hard reduction rings

  • Accepts multiple filters

    Accepts up to three filters: two in top-loading filter frames (one rotatable 360 degrees), with a third 138mm round filter fitting in the optional bellows ring.

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