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BURBANK, Calif. (April 7, 2014) – OConnor, a Vitec Group Brand, will present a growing line of camera and lens accessories during the National Association of Broadcasters show in Las Vegas, April 7 – 11, 2014. Engineered to address the needs of today’s fast-paced production environments, the line includes the CFF-1 and O-Focus Dual Mini follow focus systems relaunched in Photo and Cine Kits, the award-winning O-Box WM mattebox, innovative O-Grip Handgrip System and the Universal Baseplate. This release also available in French, German, Spanish, Russian, Japanese & Chinese

The following products will be on display at NAB:

60L Carbon Fiber Tripod
The new OConnor 60L carbon fiber tripod and floor spreader offers superior, lightweight support for the OConnor Ultimate 2065 and 2575D fluid heads. The tripod is designed with precision engineering, built with high tensile strength and lightweight material to serve a variety of production environments. The 60L weighs just 9 lbs (4.1 kg) and has a double extension design that can safely and stably carry payloads of up to 209 lbs (95 kg) even at its maximum height of 60.6” (154 cm).  Despite its generous height range it folds down to a mere 29.9” (76 cm).


The smart quick clamping system includes visible tripod clamp lockdown and this can be coupled with the floor spreader or can be bought as a system with a pre-set mid-level spreader to ensure secure, easy deployment in every situation. Removable rubber feet expose spikes for optimal traction and payload safety on a variety of surfaces.  OConnor’s 60L offers a lighter weight, speedy setup tripod with a Mitchell base with level bubble, making it the ideal choice for professional cinematographers who require a flexible shooting package for larger cameras (150mm ball variant also available.)  The OConnor 30L Carbon Fiber Tripod replaces the legacy 25L & 35L lines of tripods and is lightweight, solid and stable, making it an ideal fit for the current generation of smaller new Ultimate 1030D & 1030Ds Fluid Heads.

O-Focus Dual Mini
OConnor O-Focus Dual Mini is a compact, double-sided direct drive follow focus unit designed for professional camera operators and assistants.  Available in a Photo Set with a 1:0.75 transmission ratio optimized for still photo lenses and hard stops for lenses with unlimited rotation, or in a Cine Set with a 1:1.4 output transmission ratio well suited for cine lenses with an expanded focus scale.  Both the Cine and Photo versions feature extremely low profiles, which allow use with large diameter lenses. The modular design of the O-Focus DM enables operators to transition between Photo and Cine lenses and to work the ratio best suited to their needs by swapping out the handwheel(s) – with no tools required.

Three New OConnor Follow Focus Kits
All follow focus units are double-sided and are made of 7075 Aluminum. Kits include all lens gears and friction drivers, have standard serrated star driver gear coupling, backlash free module coupling system and are versatile to work with any lens.  All kits are shipped in a robust Pelican Storm carrying case with custom foam and all appropriate accessories (including new crank and flexible shaft).

O-Focus Cine Kit
The O-Focus DM Cine Set shares a number of features with the CFF-1, but is smaller, and features a direct drive gear mechanism. Cine Set is available with a 1:1.4 output transmission ratio, versus 1:1.84 for the CFF-1 and is well suited for cine lenses with an expanded focus scale. The O-Focus Cine Set weighs in at 1.52 lbs (0.69kg) including bridges and handwheel.



O-Focus Photo Kit
The O-Focus Photo Kit presents an industry first with a 1:0.75 transmission ratio optimized for still photo lenses and hard stops for lenses with unlimited rotation, featuring an extremely low profile double-sided bridge design direct drive gear box, with no swing arm. The O-Focus DM integrates seamlessly with existing follow focus accessories including whips, cranks and gears. The new Toothless Friction Driver, for the use of still lenses, eliminates much of the need for additional toothed gear rings.



Cine Follow Focus One (CFF-1) Accessory Kit
The CFF-1 Accessory Kit includes:
Main Bridge (C1241-1400)
Swing Arm (C1241-1200)
Handwheel (C1241-1100)
Snap-on Studio Rod Bridge 15mm/19mm (C1241-1300)
Driver Gear 43 tooth 0.8M 6mm Face – Cine (C1241-1600)
Driver Gear 35 tooth 0.8M 10mm Face – Cine (C1241-1700)
Driver Gear 50 tooth 0.6M 7.5mm Face – Fujinon ENG Focus (C1241-1800)
Driver Gear 60 tooth 0.5M 7.5mm face – Canon ENG focus (C1240-1900)
Set of 10 Marking Disks (C1240-1530)
Foam Insert (fits into a Storm Pelican 2200 case)

The Cine Follow Focus One (CFF-1) features the highest degree of follow focus design and technology, with unparalleled performance. The CFF-1 is a lightweight 1.83 pounds (.83 Kg) including bridges and handwheel. Its multifunctional design has a single bridge that clamps easily onto either 15mm or 19mm rod systems and a swing arm that can be mounted on either side of the bridge for maximum versatility. This eliminates the need for separate bridge plates.  An optional 15mm LWS bridge is also available.  This unique main follow focus bridge slides independently of the support bridge dovetail, increasing mounting options for specialty setups.



Other products making an appearance at NAB include:

O-Box WM

The award-winning OConnor O-Box WM is a two-stage mattebox designed around the 16:9 format full-size sensor. A wide-angle system, it accommodates lenses up to 18mm (and in some cases wider,) intuitively handling filters, and configuration freedom. This precision mechanical device adeptly accepts up to three filters: two top-loading filter frames (“4×4” and “4×5.65” frames which are included) and a third 138mm round filter that sleekly fits into the bellows.

O-Grips Handgrip System

The OConnor O-Grips Handgrip system is constructed with a solid titanium core for extreme durability and reliability and features a smooth-functioning, single handle ball joints with a maximum payload capacity of 44 lbs (20 kg) – making them ideal for work with both smaller and larger cameras. These are the first professional camera handgrips capable of fitting both 15mm and 19mm rod systems via the single, easy to use O-Grips bridge.

Universal Baseplate

Designed to adapt small to medium size digital cinema cameras (with on-center mounting threads) to the thousands of standard professional accessories available in the industry, with a sturdy camera platform engineered to allow optical axis centering of the lens to the correct rod measurement, and the ability to interface with standard studio bridgeplates for setups where large and weighty zoom lenses require rock solid support.