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Pioneering fluid head innovator OConnor, a Vitec Group brand, is pleased to introduce a new line of professional camera accessories engineered to fulfil the needs of today’s high-end cinematography.

“For 60 years, OConnor fluid heads and tripods have been valued tools for the art of movie making,” says Bob Carr, President of Vitec Videocom Inc. (a Vitec Group business unit), “and we’re grateful for the industry’s ongoing support. The new accessory line continues the OConnor tradition of supporting the cinematographer’s art with industry-leading engineering and craftsmanship, tailored to the rapidly-changing landscape of new cameras.”

To ensure these new precision tools meet OConnor’s high standards, the company has chosen Jim Elias, based in Europe, to head the design team. A recognized name in professional camera accessory design, Elias brings extensive experience as a camera assistant to the engineering process. Another film industry veteran, Eric J. Johnston, has been appointed Product Specialist. Eric, based in Valley Cottage NY, is already interfacing with working camera people to get on-the-set feedback and integrate their needs into the new product design.

The first OConnor camera accessory– with many more to come – is a completely modular cine-style follow-focus system. The compact and low profile unit enables quick, tool-free mounting on standard rod systems. This new OConnor cine-style follow focus is compatible with all standard follow-focus accessories and driver gears. OConnor’s new follow focus integrates elegantly with all camera and lens systems in use. The further products in the range will be announced as they are released.

As with the entire OConnor family, the camera accessories are backed by the company’s expert customer support and service departments. According to Bob Carr, “Because the new follow focus is designed for modular versatility and compatibility with other systems, the smartly priced system should be extremely popular with rental houses and users who own a number of different camera and lens combinations.”

The OConnor cine-style follow focus will be available for preorder in March. Delivery is scheduled to begin in April.

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