Labs #5: O-Grips

By Jim Elias, Camera Accessories Designer

The adjustment range of the O-Grips is defined as one half-sphere per module. This half-sphere is the result of having one full circle of movement in a primary plane around the mounting point and one half-circle of movement in all planes perpendicular to this primary plane:

360º circle in primary plane

360º circle in primary plane

180º half-circle in secondary planes

180º half-circle in secondary planes

Half-sphere of adjustment range

Since the secondary plane can also be steplessly rotated within the primary plane, a half-sphere of adjustment range results.

Full sphere

So when using multiple modules, do two half-spheres equal one full sphere? Not exactly. Each half-sphere added links onto the last, allowing for even more complex articulation. In the example above, the half-sphere of adjustment range shown can be oriented anywhere within the half-sphere of the first grip it is attached to.


This unprecedented flexibility combined with very high payload capacity are what makes O-Grips such versatile tools for any situation.

camera o grips

large camera o grips

Larger camera builds are no problem.