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Burbank, USA: November 2013 – At the beginning of the year, DP Alexander Palm documented the “average German” Thomas Müller and his “average life” for the Terra X series “Deutschland – wie wir leben” (Engl.: Terra X – Germany – Who We Are) produced by the German network ZDF. For the scenic sections, the cinematographer accompanied the protagonist throughout his day with the Canon C500. During filming, Palm used two OConnor products, the O-Grips and the 2575 fluid head. OConnor is a part of Vitec Videocom, a Vitec Group company.

“We filmed in and outdoors as well as in a greenscreen studio”, reports Alexander Palm. “Wherever we were shooting, the 2575D always worked perfectly. I have worked with many fluid heads from different companies, but the OConnor heads are the best. The camera’s weight rests perfectly on them.” The stepless ultra-smooth pan & tilt fluid drag of the 2575D guarantees the user optimum control and stability. Thanks to the patented OConnor sinusoidal counterbalance system, the user has perfect balance at every angle from +90° to -90°. With the natural camera movements and the simple, intuitive handling, the cinematographer’s creativity has no limits.

Highest versatility
Palm used the OConnor O-Grips whenever the filming conditions made it possible. Whether singly, doubly, or multiply connected – the O-Grips system is modular in design and is easily and quickly adapted to the respective applications. The stepless adjustment of each individual O-Grip guarantees additional flexibility. “During this shoot, we often filmed in and from a moving car. To do this, I worked with the O-Grips”, explains the DP. “The O-Grips have a variety of configuration possibilities and an ingenious type of adjustment. I don’t know of any other handgrip set with which you can work so comfortably and quickly.”

For Alexander Palm, it was a challenge to create exciting scenic pictures, in which additional graphics could be inserted during post-production. But with the selection of his equipment, the cinematographer couldn’t go wrong: The easy handling of the O-Grips and the 2575D enabled him to work with versatility and to find interesting settings.

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